Privacy Policy

Our Company ( hereinafter, “ COMPANY”) understands a significant responsibility to respect the privacy of our customers ( hereinafter collectively, “CUSTOMER”) and carefully protect CUSTOMER’s personal information. For the purpose of using and accessing this site ( hereinafter, “ SITE”) with confidence, COMPANY has established the following policy regarding the protection of the personal information. Please confirm this policy regularly before using this site as COMPANY may change or revise this policy as necessary.


“Personal Information” means information to allow easy reference to other information and enable the identification of the specific individual thereby including name, age, gender, phone number, facsimile number, e-mail address, occupation, hobbies, service access record , and personally-allocated statements, numbers, and symbols, etc. regarding CUSTOMER.


COMPANY may be needed to collect and use Personal Information on SITE for the purpose of development and improvement of products and services in the future, and information, announcement, and member registration, etc. in connection with the products and the services handling COMPANY. When having acquired Personal Information, COMPANY will notice the purpose and the usage. COMPANY will not utilize any Personal Information for the purposes other than that for COMPANY. COMPANY will not collect and use Personal Information without obtaining the prior customer’s consent.


COMPANY will not provide or disclose Personal Information to any third party without obtaining the prior customer’s consent, except where such disclosure:

  1. Is necessary for depositing Personal Information to process the information after entering into a strict confidential agreement between COMPANY and the subcontracting company who established COMPANY’s system to protect Personal Information; and
  2. Is necessary for providing the minimum Personal Information required by a sponsor who assents a campaign of COMPANY and needs to send campaign goods, etc.; and
  3. Is made in cooperation with national or local authorities that required or requested COMPANY to disclose Personal Information; provided however, that COMPANY may disclose the Personal Information to the party or the parties, only if COMPANY judged the requirement or the request as legal and appropriate.


COMPANY will not provide or disclose Personal Information to any third party without obtaining the prior customer’s consent, except where such disclosure:


COMPANY’s security to protect Personal Information is built not to be occurred disappearance, misuse, unauthorized use, modification, destruction and leakage, etc. The collected Personal Information is protected with the security on the network, and COMPANY is limited to the handling responsible person who allows to handle and access the Personal Information, and also the security is built not to be able to access other person the electronic file by its function of passwords, lock operation, power lock, etc.
The page obtaining Personal Information from CUSTOMER is adopted the SSL (secure Sockets Layer) communication encryption of VeriSign, Inc. in U.S.A.. The SSL prevents Personal Information from theft and falsification of information. The key symbol is displayed in the lower right corner on the browser in the page with the SSL using.


For the purpose of protecting children’s privacy, children will not able to send Personal Information to COMPANY without the consent of the parents or other guardians. COMPANY requests having a consultation between the children and the parents or the other guardians in advance. In the event that the children will make an arrangement to be a user registration, etc., COMPANY may require the contact information and the e-mail address of the parents or the other guardians. In the event that the children who participated gift campaign and promotion won the election to be able to get the gift and the notice, COMPANY will send the gift and the notice to the parents or the guardians.
The obtained children’s Personal Information will not be used in any marketing and/or promotion unless COMPANY is clearly specified the purpose of utilization in procedures of user registration.


SITE has these following pages adopting a technique called “Cookies” which make CUSTOMER use and purchase conveniently by accessing SITE.

  1. The page registering information about CUSTOMER at the time of purchase
  2. The page providing product-purchase-information obtained through the purchase process.

“Cookies” mean an industry standard technology that our web server identifies CUSTOMER’s computers. The Cookies on SITE can identify CUSTOMER’s computers but can’t identify the customer unless the customer enters the Personal Information.
You may choose any time to turn off the Cookies through changing browser’s setting, which depending on browser; provided, however, that if you turn off the Cookies, all or part of the services on the Web page may not function properly or not use them as a result.


CUSTOMER may optionally choose whether providing the CUSTOMER’s Personal Information to SITE or not; provided, however, that the CUSTOMER may not receive some services. The CUSTOMER has the rights to require of COMPANY to disclose the Personal Information provided on SITE and also to revise or delete the Personal Information with incorrect or being requested the deletion by the CUSTOMER. In the event that CUSTOMER don’t allow COMPANY to utilize the Personal Information to announce by direct mail, telephone, e-mail, etc., please contact COMPANY. Therefore, COMPANY will cease to handle the Personal Information except in special circumstances.


As for CUSTOMER’s ID and password registered by the CUTOMER, the CUSTOMER will manage at the CUSTOMER’s own responsibility, COMPANY shall not be liable for unauthorized use. In the event that COMPANY made sure of the CUSTOMER’s unauthorized use including the registration of false information, etc., COMPANY may cease the use regarding the ID and the password.


The original version of this Privacy Policy has been prepared in Japanese. In case of any discrepancy between English and Japanese versions, the Japanese version will have priority over the English version.